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The Basic Muay Thai Techniques You Need to Learn

This sport from Thailand has expanded to all the world, belonging to Indonesia. Muay Thai is practiced in many countries with different conditions depending on the state in which the fight is held and under the organization’s provisions whether the match is organized. In addition to using events, Muay Thai has also become a lifestyle. Registered as an individual study room in fitness venues is proof that Muay Thai has been favored as one of the healthiest jobs.

The popularity of this sport is so overwhelming here in Indonesia, it makes some of the fans to create a formal community to support the existence of Muay Thai. They even propose to the government to collaborate in held of tournaments for Indonesian people. Some said it might include in one of the SEA Games sports. In the local competition, the community was sponsored by Online Sportsbook company who provided official betting activity such as SBOBET and MAXBET. This tournament is a benefit for both parties, as the betting company now also provide betting for Muay Thai match like a boxing match. One of them is called situs judi bola in Indonesia which successfully held the tournament in 2018 at Jakarta.

  • Blow

Jab: Straight punch using the left hand. For those of you who are left-handed, the blow is carried out using the right side. The target of the jab punch is the face and body of the front element.
Strike: A straight blow from the back with a different hand that is not used when hammering. If your jab punch uses your left hand, then strike using your right hand and vice versa. The strike target is the same as the jab.
Hook: A side blow. The target is the face and body side elements.
Upper Cut: Punch from bottom to top. The target is not a little more, can the body side and front elements. Also, the chin was the target of this blow.

  • Kick

Low Kick: Waist-straight straight kick. The target of this kick is the waist down.
Middle Kick: Waist straight forward kick up to the armpit. The target of this movement is the body of the middle element.
High Kick: A high kick with a target element of the head.
Push Kick: A kick that moves like a push. This movement can be done straight forward or down and up.

  • Follow

Vertical: Movement by using elbows that move from top to bottom.
Horizontal: Similar to vertical elbow movements but this elbow movement is parallel.
Smashing Elbow: Movement with an elbow that is similar to a smash style.
Upper Cut Elbow: Same as uppercut punch but concentration on an elbow. Elbow is moved from the bottom up.

  • Snoring

Upper Cut Knee: The knee is moved from the bottom up. Similar to the uppercut movement which is different but concentrates with wearing the knee.
Hook Knee: Almost the same as a hook but using the knee.
Circle Knee: Twisting knee movements accompanied by rotating body elements. The targets of this movement are sided ribs and thighs.

Those are the basic Muay Thai techniques that we explain for you to know and learn more.

Are You Interested in Trying Muay Thai? This is The Benefit of Our Body

Muay Thai is now one of the most popular martial arts sports that are not in demand among sports enthusiasts. As is well known, Muay Thai is a form of martial arts originating from Thailand or also known as Thai Boxing. The Muay Thai movement is carried out by using 4 sets of limbs, namely the legs, arms, arms and thighs and utilizing attacks from boxing, elbows, knees, and feet. Besides, this sport can be carried out by many people with any gender to the point that everyone can enjoy it,

As with all martial arts formats, the lessons carried out by the Muay Thai sport have significant benefits for health. Muay Thai movements help increase the cardiovascular system’s speed, agility, strength, and endurance when practicing. This exercise dramatically raises effects both in fostering stamina, health, and fitness which will increase.

Benefits of Muay Thai for health

  • Healthy heart

Based on information from the study, there are no sports that can teach the heart system as well as Muay Thai. By combining both aerobic and anaerobic sports, Muay Thai benefits from a tremendous heart-healthy pressure. With regular lessons, your body will get used to the stresses in this sport, and adding healthy cardiovascular performance is among the benefits

  • Strengthens the leg muscles

Kicking and a few other foot movements are the main moves in muay thai. One of the typical changes is kicking with the movement of the foot rotating half the circle and carried out with the front foot or commonly known as “roundhouse kick.”

Learning Muay Thai will also teach proper kicking techniques and strengthen the lower body muscles. Every muscle in your lower body will get dividends from practicing so many kicks and footwork lessons found in this Thai sport. If carried out regularly it will be dominant both in the endurance of leg muscles, strength, agility, and can arrange calves to be stronger.

  • Strengthens the body’s core muscles

Usually called the core body muscle refers to a person’s abdominal muscles. However, this matter is not entirely true. The core muscle or the core of your body is every muscle that is located in your torso and not just the concentration of the abdominal muscles. Exercise in all movements in this sport strengthens your core muscles. Punching or kicking into the opponent’s body is also quite helpful. Attacks that become self-defense movements will help you consolidate all the core muscles in the body.

  • Make your hips more flexible

When you work on kicking and attacking your knees, your hip flexibility will also be trained. Having healthy bones will be dominant both with other health conditions. Don’t forget to warm up and stretch the hip muscle elements to avoid injury. Occasionally do massage or message on the hip elements to facilitate blood circulation of the location.

  • Release stress

Release the burden of emotion and become the essential health care that can be obtained from muay thai. Most people pile up quite a bit of pressure during the day. By doing this exercise after a day of activity, your emotions can be exposed, for example by hitting or kicking things can make you feel better.

  • Train mentally and discipline

Beyond physical skills that are clearly like kicking, punching and attacking, practicing this sport will teach your subject. With the right training, you will learn to do assignments without having to be told what to do. Self-discipline is the number one benefit that can be obtained from muay thai. The training program teaches and shows you against a self-defensive system, which requires discipline and strong mentality when in the ring.

  • Can lose weight

If we ask whether muay thai can reduce weight, the answer is yes. The muay thai movement is shown to employ all of our limbs and increase your overall cardiovascular durability. Body posture, footwork, basic strokes, kicks, and knee and elbow attacks, when combined with warm-up and stretching, will help our fat and calories burn.

Difference Between Judo and Jujitsu

What should be a list before you continue our skin is, Jiu Jitsu is the ancestor of Judo. Besides that, Jujitsu is also a technique that has been used by ancient Japanese warriors or samurai in battle. Inside are punch, kick, wrestle, swordplay tips and what procedures to be able to pay attention to one opponent. Judo is one element of Jujitsu tips. Judo techniques are more defensive, in judo someone will wrestle with his opponent, then by utilizing the opponent’s body weight, he will drop his opponent until he can’t fight anymore.

The discipline of Jujitsu martial arts is sharpened on the battlefield of all ancient Japanese samurai. This summarizes all Judo tips. This self-defense also combines a combination of attacks that will be on the core nerve and internal organs while we need to know that Judo is a safer fighting technique than Jujitsu and softer, which is far from tipping on attacks of nerve centers and internal organs. Because entering a martial arts sports group that is safe and can be easily practiced, judo is usually used as a competition.

In Judo, the key to winning is to take advantage of the opponent’s attack momentum. By utilizing the opponent’s strength when wrestling and having opportunistic traits, an athlete will be able to throw and tackle opponents. Whereas in Jujitsu it is broader by using many combinations of traps, punctures, and destructive blows, and locks the opponent’s movements.

So it’s my common thread, and you can appreciate Judo as a sport, while Jujitsu is used in real battles and life and death. This means that if in judo an attempt to create an opponent’s attack becomes useless and useless. In Jujitsu it will struggle to destroy opponents by weakening the opponent’s body or destroying their bones.

So if we try to calculate movement variations in both types of martial arts, the judo movement consists of throwing, locking and striking. Whereas in Jujitsu it doesn’t stop there, different varieties are added like hitting, including using kicks, elbows, knees, blows, headers, and use of weapons.

Jujitsu is part of the ancient Japanese martial tradition, and its techniques describe the old Japanese attitude towards life and war. Judo is a martial art that was found in the era of sophisticated and represents the sensitivity of the modern era because it is a reflection of martial arts format that is more civilized and certainly safer. Judo has been taught in many schools throughout the world. And we can be sure if every school in the world would assume many times if they would teach Jujitsu to their students because this is a dangerous trick.


  1. Jujitsu is the ancestor of Judo.
  2. Jujitsu is a comprehensive technique in fighting used by ancient Japanese warriors namely Samurai. His movements are classified as punches, kicks, wrestling, and swordplay. Judo is a form of battle defense with grappling techniques and uses the opponent’s weight, which is then used to be able to paralyze it.
  3. Jiu-Jitsu combines a combination of attacks that occur at the core of the nerve and organs. Judo is a version of Jiu-Jitsu that is much safer, and ultimately far from a tip that attacks the nerve center and internal organs.
  4. Judo has more nature for sports, while Jujitsu is more intended for real battles, which risk lives.

Hate Gym, Men Are Down 91 Kg Thanks to Jiu-Jitsu Practice

He likes to spend time at the computer, even joining a computer club at school, creating Michael Bridges who could have weighed 350 pounds (about 158.7 kg). Moreover, this hobby is done while engrossed in eating foods high in sugar, carbohydrates, and other unhealthy foods. Furthermore, Bridges is not a person who likes to exercise. In 2017, when he entered 33 years, Bridges’ weight also continued to rise from that number. He is also aware that he must change.

One of the boosters is when watching himself in front of a mirror. Not that he never tried to lose weight. It has been decided many times, but it often fails. However, this time he tried to start from one step, namely to cut the consumption of processed foods.

On the other hand, it increases the consumption of vegetables and lean meat. Bridges slowly succeeded in losing weight. However, he needed to step into the next stage, which is to pursue the sport he likes. This is quite difficult because most types of games do not like him. “I hate treadmills, hate lifting weights because they are boring. So I want to find the right sport,” he said.

One day, a colleague offered him to join the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu study room. Bridges were interested in trying it, after all the class he would be following was giving a special price. Six weeks into the Jiu-Jitsu study room, Bridges began to feel in love. He also continued the sport to four to six times a week.

“I like it first week because this sport is like a video game using your body,” Bridges said. “There is always something that happens all the time, and you always assume what I have, and you do and predict what your opponent is doing.”

If in the past he only wanted to be healthy with Jiu-Jitsu, now the Bridge wants him to be better in each match. Setting the eating pattern becomes an element of Bridges’ effort to guard his weight. He oversees calorie intake below 2,000 calories each day and gives carbohydrate limits below 100 grams.

He also carried out a modified pattern of intermittent fasting on the day when he felt he was not too active and modified the calories needed on sports days. Instead of grabbing unhealthy snacks, Bridges now likes to eat healthy meals, like almond snacks. Bridges succeeded in losing weight up to 220 pounds (about 91.6 kg) and now is concentrating on muscle building and increasing her strength to the point where she can participate in Jiu-Jitsu competition.

He even just grabbed a blue belt and made him feel even better. This, of course, is not the only positive use he feels after losing weight. “I am emotionally a better person, even more, confident to talk to other people,” said Bridges. He now has a good lover and is more popular on Tinder. “I used to be a joke that I would die at the age of 40, but now I’m no longer worried. I’m sure it will be long and have a happy life,” he said.

Practice Muscles and Kick Guarding Yourself with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Many arguments for learning martial arts, ranging from escorting themselves, improving fighting skills, to guarding health. One option is Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu. This martial art is considered suitable for women.

Based on information from the coach of the Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Alexander Bobby Wijaya, at this time there were not a few women who were interested in trailing BJJ because art provides not little benefit, especially for women.

“One of the recommended and very effective martial arts for women is Brazillian Jiu Jitsu,” Bobby said at the Maximum MMA fitness center located in Kebayoran, South Jakarta.

The philosophy held by this martial art is how smaller, weaker, and slower opponents can outperform more and stronger opponents.

Not only able to protect themselves from evil, but BJJ also proved useful in losing weight while increasing muscle strength.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was once popularized in Brazil. In the Wikipedia website mentioned, this martial art is a development of Judo martial arts. In Indonesia, the last few years of this fighting style are increasingly popular with the existence of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community.

If compared with Kick Boxing and Muay Thai which emphasizes more punches and kicks, the Brazillian Jiu Jitsu movement doesn’t even use a punch or even a kick. BJJ is more focused on locking tips, slamming, and strangulation, like grappling.

The technique is pound focused on the struggle on the floor. One of the methods for guarding yourself is straining from behind or locking towards the neck.

“The locking movement that has the triangle choke name, which is locking towards the neck with the legs composing a triangle and one opponent’s hand pulled forward. Very effective for women, because it can be used when the opponent’s situation attacks from above and the victim or woman’s position is crushed below”, he explained.

What’s interesting about this sport is that we will be taught to use a variety of techniques, such as switching positions from not enough to a more favorable position, or methods to hold opponents in a position that is not profitable enough.

Not only can it be relied on to guard themselves, but the Brazillian Jiu Jitsu is also handy for strengthening muscles and losing weight.

“Martial arts which is the result of a modification of the sport of Judo that concentrates training all parts of the body, so more calories will be burned,” he said.

Parts of the body that are trained, between different necks, shoulders, chest, abdomen, thighs, and calves. Bobby suggested that if the process of weight loss is successful, it must be accompanied by guarding a healthful eating pattern.

Even this exercise try to be carried out routinely as much as two to three times a week, especially for beginners.

In addition to lessons to defend yourself and organize muscles, you can also practice BJJ to participate in many matches, both at home and abroad.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Is A Famous Martial Arts Throughout The World

Now MMA matches (Mixed Martial Art) are not infrequently displayed on a TV. Many people say MMA is probably a hard fighting match.

The participants combined all the martial arts contained and used them in battles. One of the robust martial arts that must be mastered by MMA athletes is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or also known as Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

This self-defense specializes in floor battles (ground fight), locking, and strangulation. Many have underestimated this martial art before, but it is proven that this martial art is one that is very effective and very dangerous.

Let’s look at history and its advantages.

1. Birth History
In 1904, the creator of Judo in Japan who had the name Kano Jigoro, delivered 5 of his students to all corners of the world to better introduce this martial art. They challenge other martial arts champions like wrestling, boxing, Savate, etc. One of them has the name Mitsuyo Maeda who came to Brazil in 1914.

A young Brazilian has the name Carlos Gracie who is interested in the martial arts that Maeda introduced, and concludes to study. Maeda then accepted Carlos as his student. Carlos then passed on this attraction to his tiny sister, who had the name, Helio Gracie.

Even though Helio mastered the Judo theory taught by his brother, he experienced problems in practice because this science relied on great strength while Helio’s body was the smallest. Helio is the end of modifying the knowledge that he learned to the point where what was called the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Gracie Jiu-Jitsu was born.

2. It’s development
Carlos and Helio then developed the results of this modification. The result is not a few people are interested. The brothers are getting familiar in Brazil. Moreover, they dare to challenge the heroes of different martial arts in official battles.

One of the battles that were very famous and invited thousands of spectators was when Helio fought the Japanese Judo champion who was won by Helio. Since then the Gracie brothers began to accept not a few students. Not even a few fighters who come to Gracie college and challenge this martial arts. All are easily surpassed!

The two brothers then taught this knowledge to all their children and grandchildren, and the Gracie family became the most respected family in Brazil.

3. Digest of Science
Although Gracie Jiu-Jitsu itself looks simple, it is hazardous because it can easily break people’s bones, even kill opponents. Riskier because it can be done by ordinary people who are small. This sprang from the little weakness of Helio Gracie who sought to outperform a much bigger opponent.

Martial arts, also known as Jitz, emphasizes the battlefield ground fight. Based on information from Helio, street battles are often divided into 3 phases, namely: fighting, struggling and fighting on the floor. Almost all street battles must pass through these three phases. Jitz’s self-defense which he created immediately summed up this phase to the third phase. He is making it easy for those who don’t have powerful blows or fast reflexes.

Because of these advantages, Jitz is felt like a deadly martial art, and is useful in actual combat, whether in the ring or also in street battles.

Besides, Jitz can also be used to conquer enemies without having to hurt and injure opponents more severely. In conclusion, Jitz is very suitable for anyone to learn from martial arts athletes, ordinary people, children, everyday women who are useful to protect themselves from rapist disorders or even to use disabled people.

4. Peak of Fame
Although familiar in Brazil, Jitz is not too familiar in other countries. Not even a few people underestimate this knowledge. In 1993, there was a legendary self-defense tournament named UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) which worked on free combat without rules. The Gracie family delivered their youngest son who had the name Royce Gracie, who was the biological child of Helio.

At this first UFC championship, all viewers underestimated Royce because he was a tiny one of the other participants. But Royce outperformed them all with his father and uncle’s martial arts. From that moment on, the world began to know Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and their colleges could open branches to all the world. Even the private American army invited the Gracie family to teach their knowledge to American soldiers.

Since the UFC, this knowledge has been felt like a standard that must be possessed by each martial arts athlete. Many martial arts athletes, celebrities, and other fighters study this knowledge. The Gracie family also traveled the world to teach their knowledge.

5. Good Program
Besides being very risky in martial arts matches, this knowledge turned out to be very suitable to be practiced by ordinary people. As safe self-defense and do not need an injury. The Gracie family makes programs and training systems for children who are victims of a bully at school, women who want to protect themselves from male disorders, and older people who are no longer as strong as young people.

Anyone can learn this science safely and almost without violence. Here lies the peculiarity of this science. It can be used in any situation, whether it is a hard street battle, or just cooling down a friend who is raging because he is drunk without having to hurt him.

The Gracie system was also introduced through the internet to the point that anyone in all the world can learn it legally through the Gracie family directly as its creator. Cool, right?

Jitz is indeed the coolest, and now it has begun to spread to all corners of the world. Even cities in Indonesia have started to teach this knowledge also though they don’t have permission directly from Gracie’s family. It is highly recommended to learn martial arts because we will not know if one day become victims of violence or violence. No hardest lesson or strength is needed. Cool is the point!