About Us - Badgerland Jiu Jitsu

Badgerland Jiu Jitsu has been established since 2010.

Martial arts training has been proven for centuries to improve health, confidence, and good self-control skills. Badgerland Jiu Jitsu opened a martial arts training room that has been known for its effectiveness and efficiency such as Judo, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Boxing and Muaythai. We not only offer martial arts skills, but also fitness and achievements for those of you who join our study program.

Our organization has existed since 2007 and since then we have contributed to the growth of the world of martial arts in the United States in general. Also we have scored not a few outstanding martial arts practitioners in the fields of Brazilian jiujitsu, boxing arts and exclusive Martial Arts.

We know very well what all martial arts practitioners feel when they will choose an easy place to practice that they will use. We therefore set fair and affordable prices for everyone with good quality training that we often maintain from time to time.

Our training program is disclosed to the public and all walks of life. Because you will find that there are not a few new friends from many social circles in our location. Our program runs every weekday from Monday to Friday.

With the ease of a clean mattress that can accommodate more than 50 people, you have free space to practice when you practice. By following a training system that we have designed and tested effectively for more than a decade, you will witness definite results, both skillfully, physically and mentally.

Come and join us to make a community that is positive, healthy, and achieves !!!!