Difference Between Judo and Jujitsu

What should be a list before you continue our skin is, Jiu Jitsu is the ancestor of Judo. Besides that, Jujitsu is also a technique that has been used by ancient Japanese warriors or samurai in battle. Inside are punch, kick, wrestle, swordplay tips and what procedures to be able to pay attention to one opponent. Judo is one element of Jujitsu tips. Judo techniques are more defensive, in judo someone will wrestle with his opponent, then by utilizing the opponent’s body weight, he will drop his opponent until he can’t fight anymore.

The discipline of Jujitsu martial arts is sharpened on the battlefield of all ancient Japanese samurai. This summarizes all Judo tips. This self-defense also combines a combination of attacks that will be on the core nerve and internal organs while we need to know that Judo is a safer fighting technique than Jujitsu and softer, which is far from tipping on attacks of nerve centers and internal organs. Because entering a martial arts sports group that is safe and can be easily practiced, judo is usually used as a competition.

In Judo, the key to winning is to take advantage of the opponent’s attack momentum. By utilizing the opponent’s strength when wrestling and having opportunistic traits, an athlete will be able to throw and tackle opponents. Whereas in Jujitsu it is broader by using many combinations of traps, punctures, and destructive blows, and locks the opponent’s movements.

So it’s my common thread, and you can appreciate Judo as a sport, while Jujitsu is used in real battles and life and death. This means that if in judo an attempt to create an opponent’s attack becomes useless and useless. In Jujitsu it will struggle to destroy opponents by weakening the opponent’s body or destroying their bones.

So if we try to calculate movement variations in both types of martial arts, the judo movement consists of throwing, locking and striking. Whereas in Jujitsu it doesn’t stop there, different varieties are added like hitting, including using kicks, elbows, knees, blows, headers, and use of weapons.

Jujitsu is part of the ancient Japanese martial tradition, and its techniques describe the old Japanese attitude towards life and war. Judo is a martial art that was found in the era of sophisticated and represents the sensitivity of the modern era because it is a reflection of martial arts format that is more civilized and certainly safer. Judo has been taught in many schools throughout the world. And we can be sure if every school in the world would assume many times if they would teach Jujitsu to their students because this is a dangerous trick.


  1. Jujitsu is the ancestor of Judo.
  2. Jujitsu is a comprehensive technique in fighting used by ancient Japanese warriors namely Samurai. His movements are classified as punches, kicks, wrestling, and swordplay. Judo is a form of battle defense with grappling techniques and uses the opponent’s weight, which is then used to be able to paralyze it.
  3. Jiu-Jitsu combines a combination of attacks that occur at the core of the nerve and organs. Judo is a version of Jiu-Jitsu that is much safer, and ultimately far from a tip that attacks the nerve center and internal organs.
  4. Judo has more nature for sports, while Jujitsu is more intended for real battles, which risk lives.