Krav Maga – The Most Deadly Self Defense?

Have you heard of Krav Maga? The martial arts are now becoming a trend among the public, especially those who expect martial arts to guard themselves against evil.

Krav maga is an Israeli martial art. The goal is to guard yourself in street fights. Krav Maga was developed as an element of today’s world needs, which involved street fights.

Krav Maga was considered the most effective and brutal martial art which was a mixture of boxing, Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu, Wing Chun, and wrestling. This krav maga fighting technique completes a fight as fast as possible by attacking the weakest point of the enemy’s body.

This type of battle comes from the hands of Imi Lichtenfeld, which makes Krav Maga according to their empirical combat and aims to create a super-efficient style in fights.

Krav Maga is not felt like a sport and martial arts even though inspired by not a little martial arts, like Kung Fu, Jujistu, Judo, among not a few others, many come from Japan.

Wing Chun as a basis for protection against weapons, wrestling tips from judo and jiu-jitsu to quickly drop enemies, and Muay Thai to attack the enemy’s weak points. Based on the mixture of martial arts techniques following Krav Maga, it is not uncommon to be called a very deadly and dangerous martial tip.

There is no standard stipulation in krav maga as a way of defending themselves in combat, but krav maga emphasizes the wearer’s safety while struggling to paralyze opponents with what techniques can be done. Some general principles in Krav Maga, namely:

  • Don’t get hurt
  • Neutralize the attacker as soon as possible
  • Make the transition from tips to stick to attack suggestions as fast as possible
  • Exploitation of all natural reflexes in the body
  • Exploitation of all parts of the body that are easily attacked (including eyes, throat, groin, etc.)
  • Use of all objects contained as assistance

Can all people access Krav Maga?

The answer is yes.

At first, it was only taught to the military, but now several clubs guide the practice of this type of struggle.

You must often make sure that anyone who teaches us knows what to do because even if we don’t have rules, you must be careful in working on specific techniques, especially in practice.

You must have a minimum physical preparation to be able to make tips correctly and reflex them with the best techniques.

Graduated in Krav Maga

Even though it is not sports or martial arts, it has graduation, after adopting a Judo-like color band system.

This graduation indicates our level of practice in this fighting style and even when you have trained. As your civilization passes through the track, you will learn more than a few techniques.