The 5 Sexiest and Strongest UFC Female Fighter

Be careful not to be fooled by the charm of beauty that all these women have because they are not just any women. Beautiful, powerful, and tough; it can break your neck easily. Get to know his face from now on, who knows, one day you will meet them. So you can be more introspective, this business is very urgent, especially for guys who love to flirt with girls who look sexy like them.

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5 UFC female fighters who are very sexy and powerful in this world have loved the world of violence since they were teenagers, fighting for them is a hobby and fun. So not infrequently while still in school they are not seldom involved in fighting problems, the great opponents are the average men. But behind the frightening and frightening skills, they can still look beautiful and elegant as women in general. What is their profile like? Companions These 5 UFC MMA female fighters are very sexy, strongest and the best in the world.

Felice Herrig

Although Felice Herrig is petite and merely has a height of 165 cm and is not yet at the level of a match room with Miesha Tate or Ronda Rousey, Felice is not an easy opponent to defeat. Proven at the age of 31 years, Felice successfully ranked 11 UFC strawweight study room.

At a relatively young age, it could not be possible Felice would continue to rise in career rankings at MMA, Mixed Martial Arts. The mainstay is combining Muay Thai martial arts, kickboxing with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Paige VanZant

Although fighting is still in the strawweight study room, Paige Vanzant is known for her hard and intense dueling style. She only needs two battles to indicate her class as one of the best female boxers in the UFC.

And what’s great, VanZant is still the youngest age, which is 21 years old. Starting her career as a Fighter from the Alpha Male team, she was awarded an aesthetic body like a model. Her charm is increasingly visible thanks to her blond hairstyle. Nothing wrong with VanZant being among the three most beautiful nymphs in the UFC which is famously fierce when it is in the ring.

Miesha Tate Beautiful Sexy Body Fighter from the USA

We start with Miesha Tate, UFC female fighter who is very sexy rank 2 of the world’s best after Ronda Rousey. This beautiful, sexy girl, like a supermodel born on August 18, 1986, in Washington, USA, masters Boxing, Taekwondo and Jiu-Jitsu martial arts. Gait united herself known to the world when he became the best strike force in the Bantamweight Championship by simply dropping opponents within 1 minute.

Miesha Tate’s last championship record in April 2015 was ranked the second-best in the world. Miesha can be ranked first in the world if she still escorts her training discipline. Because according to information from rumors circulating who knows who, Miesha is known for her glamorous lifestyle.

Her hobbies went to nightclub venues and like to play poker on any casino venue. However that’s a regular activity right, more insane is Miesha Tate was known as a hypersexed woman and wow, horrified! Want to know how much Miesha Tate’s income as an MMA fighter? Miesha found a payment of 655 million rupiahs only to perform once in every match he faced in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Amazing right ?!

Holly Holm

As a result of the arrogance of Ronda Rousey who insulted Holly Holm’s father to influence her swinging a blow before the match began. Ronda must be unlucky, and Holly surpassed her through a kick in the head in the 59th second round. With the victory, she made Holly entitled to the world title to replace Ronda Rousey.

Beautiful fighter born October 17, 1981, in Albuquerque, New Mexico when a teenager at school likes to exercise, he was active in soccer, gymnastics, swimming, and aesthetic jumping before he seriously engaged in the world of boxing and kickboxing. With these two basic martial arts under control, Holly Holm more or less conquered his opponent through close combat. Together with Ronda Rousey, Holly Holm represented the MMA UFC fighter from the United States.

Ronda Rousey, World’s Best Ranking

This is ranked number one of the sexiest and strongest UFC female fighters. As a fighter, Rounda Rousey has succeeded in setting a record number one champion defending many 40 times. Although Holly Holm surpassed her in the UFC 193 bantam study room battle held in Melbourne, Australia, Sunday, November 15, 2015 yesterday. But this business did not create the prestige of Ronda down because as usual, she would win his title home quickly.

This beautiful girl, whose full name is Ronda Jean Rousey, appeared on February 1, 1987, California, US. Judo martial arts became its flagship attack even though Ronda Rosey also mastered the skill of boxing. Her golden career opened when he won the 2004 Olympic Games championship as a very young participant and won a gold medal at the World Judo Championship in Budapest, Hungary.

And the peak of her united career at the 2012 MMA Awards women, became the first champion after surpassing Cris Cyborg the defending champion from Brazil. After that, her career as a UFC fighter continued to skyrocket until now. She is ranked first in the composition of the world’s best female fighters and very high-paid fighters at UFC.

Imagine the extraordinary numbers that she got, more than 1 billion rupiahs in just one game. Apart from these she also gets paid as modeling, film and advertising players. Because of its popularity, Ronda, who earned the nickname ‘Rowdy,’ has a big fan of the legendary boxer of the world, Mike Tyson the concrete neck.

Tyson so admired the figure of Ronda Rosey, witnessing herself as a remembrance of Tyson’s youth as a boxer first. According to him, Ronda is an amazing tough female; she never gives up and has no phobias in dealing with anyone; even she is not much arrogant and seems to underestimate all her opponents.