Watch Muay Thai Battle and Place Bet Live in The Stadium

Of course, we already know Muay Thai is a martial art originating from ancient Thailand, originally developed in military warfare. Over time, this martial art has become famous both in Thailand and abroad.

Here is a list of stadiums where you can watch Muay Thai and place live bet inside. Bet option is not limited to only Muay Thai, but you can also bet on many other sports here in our online sportsbook.

New Lumpinee Boxing Stadium

The stadium is operated by the Thai Army and is allocated outside the city center close to Don Muang Airport. Opponents of results to support the Thai military. Legally known as the New Lumpinee Boxing Stadium because it was diverted from its original place a number of years ago, although not a few people still call it a shorter name than merely Lumpinee Stadium.

The fight here regularly shows the best names in sports and this is one of the top locations to see some of the most spectacular and famous Muay Thai fighters. The most electrically charged atmosphere.

Fighting takes place on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, with very elite competitors often picking up rings on Tuesday. Saturday’s battle opened at 5pm, and the match opened at 6.30pm the other day. The ringside chair costs 2,000 THB, even though there are cheap chairs at the top.

Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium

The stadium is the oldest boxing stadium, which was founded in 1945 in Bangkok. Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium also has prestige because it is the first Muay Thai stadium in Bangkok. You can watch the battle between female fighters. And for the Lumpinee Stadium only are for male fighters.

Matches are held on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, with battles on all days starting at 6pm. Sunday watched lower level boxers compete. The ringside chair costs 2,000 THB, but a higher “second class” seat is not only cheaper (1,500 THB) but also offers a better view of the action. The display can be blocked from the cheapest (and highest) seats.

Channel 7 Boxing Stadium

Not surprisingly given its name, a fight on the Channel 7 Boxing Stadium was broadcast live on Channel 7. The stadium was once something of a local secret, but is now unique to a large number of tourists too. Located in Chatuchak, close to the Northern Bus Station (Mochit).

The fight was held on Sunday, opened right after 2pm. The big bonus of watching a fight here is that recognition is free. The benches are hard, and the standing location will almost certainly be crowded, but this is a good place to eat interesting Muay Thai.

Bangkok Boxing Stadium

The stadium was founded in 2006, which was founded by one of the leading promoters in Thailand. The smaller Bangkok Boxing Stadium usually offers several shows. But almost everything is about fights

Men and women compete here, with no little ceremony and glamor. This is most popular among tourists. The fight or show takes place on Saturday at 2.30pm and tickets are charged a fee of 1,500 THB.