Our Programs - Badgerland Jiu Jitsu


Fundamentals are designed to give students a robust foundation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. BJJ’s basic theories include self-defense, tips, and principles introduced. Each study room combines flow lessons that are designed to help students internalize the mechanisms of bodily fluids behind the concepts they are learning.

Even sparring and position drilling are core components as a help to develop pupil muscle memories and physical, physical understanding. Our primary classes submit a safe introduction to the art and a forum for more advanced students to deepen their practice.


Middle Class takes a more in-depth view of the principles and tips that define the appropriate and unique style known to the Alliance. Students who participate in this study room must have a strong understanding of the basic principles of BJJ, fluency in technique, and body awareness. In general, 30 to 40 primary Alliance learning spaces are prerequisites for this study room. Situational attack, strategy, escape and transition are major emphasis on instual software through direct debate. Students can want a safe, structured, and not aggressive environment to learn soft arts.


Open Mat is a non-instructional time where students can practice software and know the technique of passing independent drilling and sparring matches live in time. Students are encouraged to conceptualize strengths, weaknesses and work to internalize what they have learned in a week. In addition, students can use this period for their individual training.


GI Class No is an in-depth view of tips on wrestling, wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tips carried out without kimono (gi). Removal, transition, escape, and expedition are taught, in addition to the great emphasis on full resistance software passing through sparring and direct drilling.


Private instructions are available and are most recommended for students who explore special education outside the traditional class form. Students who participate in individual teaching will witness spectacular advantages in theory and technique.


Alliance BJJ Kids Program is the perfect way for your child to become an adult when learning martial arts. This is also an excellent technique to get a fit body, make friends, and have fun. As a martial arts and contact sport, this is a unique opportunity for your child to learn how to survive on a mat so they can survive in life. The program is biased from the “philosophy of win / lose contest” and focuses on instilling the ethics of hard work, positive attitude, and love for the lifestyle of Jiu-Jitsu. Classes are classified as technical, physical lessons, games, and direct training.