The Basic Muay Thai Techniques You Need to Learn

This sport from Thailand has expanded to all the world, belonging to Indonesia. Muay Thai is practiced in many countries with different conditions depending on the state in which the fight is held and under the organization’s provisions whether the match is organized. In addition to using events, Muay Thai has also become a lifestyle. Registered as an individual study room in fitness venues is proof that Muay Thai has been favored as one of the healthiest jobs.

The popularity of this sport is so overwhelming here in Indonesia, it makes some of the fans to create a formal community to support the existence of Muay Thai. They even propose to the government to collaborate in held of tournaments for Indonesian people. Some said it might include in one of the SEA Games sports. In the local competition, the community was sponsored by Online Sportsbook company who provided official betting activity such as SBOBET and MAXBET. This tournament is a benefit for both parties, as the betting company now also provide betting for Muay Thai match like a boxing match. One of them is called situs judi bola in Indonesia which successfully held the tournament in 2018 at Jakarta.

  • Blow

Jab: Straight punch using the left hand. For those of you who are left-handed, the blow is carried out using the right side. The target of the jab punch is the face and body of the front element.
Strike: A straight blow from the back with a different hand that is not used when hammering. If your jab punch uses your left hand, then strike using your right hand and vice versa. The strike target is the same as the jab.
Hook: A side blow. The target is the face and body side elements.
Upper Cut: Punch from bottom to top. The target is not a little more, can the body side and front elements. Also, the chin was the target of this blow.

  • Kick

Low Kick: Waist-straight straight kick. The target of this kick is the waist down.
Middle Kick: Waist straight forward kick up to the armpit. The target of this movement is the body of the middle element.
High Kick: A high kick with a target element of the head.
Push Kick: A kick that moves like a push. This movement can be done straight forward or down and up.

  • Follow

Vertical: Movement by using elbows that move from top to bottom.
Horizontal: Similar to vertical elbow movements but this elbow movement is parallel.
Smashing Elbow: Movement with an elbow that is similar to a smash style.
Upper Cut Elbow: Same as uppercut punch but concentration on an elbow. Elbow is moved from the bottom up.

  • Snoring

Upper Cut Knee: The knee is moved from the bottom up. Similar to the uppercut movement which is different but concentrates with wearing the knee.
Hook Knee: Almost the same as a hook but using the knee.
Circle Knee: Twisting knee movements accompanied by rotating body elements. The targets of this movement are sided ribs and thighs.

Those are the basic Muay Thai techniques that we explain for you to know and learn more.